While sometimes experimental or off-beat, MCA programs offer something for everyone. These provocative events take place throughout the museum, from the Edlis Neeson Theater to the Commons, and are often free with museum admission. Those listed with a ticket icon require a moderate fee. For tickets and information visit the Box Office or call 312-397-4010. To see what's next, take a look at the Calendar.


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In this animation still, a swimmer gazes into a body of green water.

Our movies are screened anywhere we can project moving images. Popcorn not included.


Against a black backdropped stage, a man reclines in an armchair speaking into a microphone while another leans in to listen, waiting his turn.

Innovative thinkers and makers discuss contemporary art and ideas. Nothing is off limits.


A young black woman stands at a microphone, her mouth open in a cry or in song. She holds a curved length of wood or bone above her head with both hands.

Performers from Chicago and around the world bring groundbreaking works to the Edlis Neeson Theater and spaces around the museum.

  1. Long A young black woman with closely cropped hair stands at a microphone, her mouth open in a cry or in song. She is dramatically lit by warm light from her left in an otherwise cool dark space. She holds a yard-long curved length of wood or bone above her head with both hands. Her garment is gathered at the waist and draped around her torso. It covers her right arm with a long sleeve and leaves her left arm exposed. Behind her a second performer kneels at a second mic, working with an electronic instrument. The space behind them is dark, but a length of corrugated steel, painted in varying colors, lies behind them.


A young child lays on the ground to draw on a clipboard with a crayon.

Join a master class, sit in on an open rehearsal, or learn a new skill or craft—there are workshops for all ages and interests.