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Chicago Works

  • A photograph of a light-colored rock formation shows a cross-section of sediment lines.
    Chicago Works:
    Assaf Evron
    1. Long A photographic print of a desert scene features a rock formation against a blue sky on a sun-filled day. The formation is made up of layers of sediment colored in a range of cream, sand, tan, and umber. The sun rakes across the surface to reveal the texture of the rock and creates long shadows. The central sediment lines are squiggly, winding horizontally across the surface of the rock. Dark crevices appear at the base of the formation and small, dried-up vegetation grows sporadically across the rocky ground. It appears as though it could dried-up riverbed.
  • A scene created out of pieces of carpet portrays a person taking a picture of a portrait in a gallery with a smartphone.
    Chicago Works:
    Jessica Campbell
    1. Long A person wearing what appears to be a Chicago Cubs jersey, khaki cargo shorts, and grey new balance tennis shoes with white ankle socks is taking a picture with a smartphone of an abstract portrait of President Lincoln with a yellow triangle nose against a salmon pink background flecked with blue triangles. This scene is entirely rendered in plush carpet that lacks detail creating a cartoon-like visual style. The person is standing facing to the right facing the portrait on a white wall. Part of another artwork appears at the left edge of the image in the background, giving the impression of a gallery space. He stands on floorboards of varying shades of brown that extend to the back wall of the space.
  • A bright red-orange house is boarded up, standing next to an empty urban lot during sunset.
    Chicago Works:
    Amanda Williams
    1. Long A view of a house from the street at early sunset shows green grass, vacant lots, bushes, and tress. The house's windows are boarded up, and the house appears to be vacant. The entire house—except for the soffit, which is black, and parts of the upper facade, which are white—is painted a vibrant shade of red-orange.
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The Commons Artist Project


Ascendant Artist

  • A man stands amidst tall, wispy plant stalks about twice his height. He holds a machete and two bundles of dried up stalks in front of him to make an "X" shape.
    Jonathas de Andrade
    1. Long A brown-skinned field worker wearing a yellow baseball cap, royal blue shirt and pants, and protective legwear stands in the center of a small clearing and looks directly at you. He is holding a machete and two bundles of harvested sugarcane stalks. The stalks extend well beyond his head and are held at two angles to cross at his center forming an "X." A wall of tall green sugarcane foliage rises up directly behind him against a pale blue sky. His feet disappear into a blanket of brown sugarcane leaves.
  • A piece of glass is folded into quarters with green edges facing up, resting on a white surface. A smoking stick is wedged into the top fold. There is a dark, round shadow behind the sculpture on the right.
    Tania Pérez Córdova: Smoke, nearby
    1. Long A sheet of hard glass is folded over and bent in two as if it were a plastic bag. A smoking stick rests between the green lips that comprise the edges of the glass. A dark circular shadow dominates the area to the right of the glass, a stark contrast to the white background.
  • A colorful geometric shape against a starry background floats above a figure wearing a bright orange-and-green jumpsuit and a colorful semi-circular headdress.
    Basim Magdy: The Stars Were Aligned for a Century of New Beginnings
    1. Long A three-dimensional geometric shape floats in a starry night sky, taking up most of the upper two-thirds of the painting. The shape is multi-faceted, with 7 faces showing. Each face has has a gradient of vibrant colors ranging from yellow to green, blue to pink, and red to black. The faces are flat and matte, stark against the spray-painted starry night sky. Behind the shape, we see black and grey stripes creating a shadow of the shape. The ground is white, as if it is covered by snow. There are four round-edged rectangles along the ground, in pastel colors. A small lone figure stands in the bottom center of the painting, wearing an orange jumpsuit with green side stripes, red gloves, dark blue boots, and a striped, semi-circular hat. The figure stands directly under the geometric shape, looking at us, and is dwarfed by the size of the geometric shape.
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