Exhibitions on view

  • White icicle-like formations layered above plumes of blue smoke fill two side-by-side panels.
    Atrium Project:
    Lorna Simpson
    1. Long Billowing blue smoke fills the bottom of two side-by-side panels. Layers of white icicle formations obscure black-and-white newspaper clippings in the middle sections of each panel. Behind the forms, a wash of black, grey, and white fills the tops of each panel.
  • A glowing white sphere casts shadows on a white wall.
    Endless Summer
    1. Long A four-pointed, mandala-like set of pale grey shadows surround a glowing slightly warm-hued sphere on a white wall framed at the bottom by a gray floor.
  • A black tapestry speckled with silver arrowheads depicts two pairs of orange legs, one wearing a skirt, with flat, geometric shapes in place of torsos and heads. The pair is connected at the hip and each stands on a crystalline mound.
    Otobong Nkanga: To Dig a Hole that Collapses Again
  • Various translucent maps, assembled into the three-dimensional shape of houses, are arranged on a table covered with more maps.
    The Commons Artist Project:
    Joan Giroux
  • A blond toddler stands in a white room amid a mess of upturned, damaged computer equipment.
    I Was Raised on the Internet
  • A black-and-white photo of the Chicago skyline from the north shore of Lake Michigan is overlaid with rectangular color image fragments of the same view. The color images add and subtract people from the lakefront view.
    Picture Fiction: Kenneth Josephson and Contemporary Photography
  • Small white circles connected by thin wire balance opposite a thicker orange wire weighted by an orange rudder-like shape hanging from the edge of a white table.
    Heaven and Earth: Alexander Calder and Jeff Koons