Workshop: For Us, By Us

  • The Commons
    Second Floor, East Side
    220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

TCA members and 21Minus artists working on 21Minus 2017. June 17, 2017. Photo: Mikayla Delson.


Explore the publications, spaces, and social media that connect and support the creative voices of queer, trans, and POC youth in Chicago.

This experience is developed by Teen Creative Agency (TCA) Apprentices Holden Thomas and Alexiss Villagomez.

Youth-led events highlight Chicago artists under 21 years old and are organized by Grace Needlman, Manager of Youth and Family Programs, and Ellen Chu, Coordinator of Family, Youth, School, and Teacher Programs.


About the Artists

Alexiss Villagomez is a 20-year-old queer Latinx artist from the South Side of Chicago. They mainly focus on the inclusivity of LGBTQ+ folks of color and the lack of safe spaces through curation, zine-making, and collaboration with other queer artists. They hope to become a curator and create safe spaces for young queer artists living in South Side neighborhoods.

Holden Thomas is a 19-year-old trans writer, multimedia artist, and curator born and based in Chicago. Through all the mediums he works in, Holden tells stories that explore what it means to claim and live in your body, to create a life that exists in the space between worlds, and to find home. He works to preserve queer history and stories through documentation and education.